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NYC Neon Signs are Making a Comeback – Here is Why You Should be Capitalizing on it

NYC Neon Signs are specifically designed for attention-grabbing, since they have illumination that is vibrant but not harsh, bold colors, and a distinctive look that can quickly stimulate curiosity and elicit emotion in prospective buyers. Consider a custom neon sign from Vida Signs for your shop for a distinctive sign that can be both practical and extremely artistic.

Neon signs are making a comeback and are everywhere!

The nostalgic appeal of neon signs has recently made them popular as an enticing decoration or backdrop for events, whether formal or personal. However, their main use is now a signage for commercial shops. Businesses in virtually every kind of industry will make good use of a neon sign on their premises. Many sectors that used our neon signs in NYC include:

  • Commercial shops
  • Shopping Mall
  • Restaurants and caf├ęs
  • Museums
  • Bars and pubs
  • Theatres
  • Beauty Salons
  • Banks
  • Real estate


However it is used, neon is easily recognizable and a perfect way to attract publicity, whether it’s day or night, and gaining the publicity of prospective clients is the first step in professional achievement.

Neon Signing Options for Your Enterprise

There are several different ways to add the illuminating influence and distinctive look of neon signs to your storefront and tailor it to your name. Some of the types of these signs that we have delivered to our clients include:

Open Face Neon Signs – Whether as part of a channel letter or in the form of letters and words themselves, neon tubes in this sign style are visible, not hidden by plastic or any other acrylic sign substance.

On Glass Neon Signs -This design is better applied to bigger signs that will be mounted inside and on the window of your company rather than outside. The neon tubes are mounted on a glass frame, which can then be hung behind or otherwise connected to the shutter.

Swinging Neon Signs – Neon may be applied to other sign forms, such as swinging signs. This offers you the full effect of neon, in tandem with the space and style specifications that your company needs.

Neon Letter Signs – These signs can be made with text that can be made in any font that you need. Block letters, cursive letters, upper and lowercase letters, any type that represents the logo of your company can be seen in our custom neon signs.

Custom Neon Signs – Not only text, but icons, graphics and logos can be portrayed in neon. The combination of its distinctive appearance and the custom nature of your company is likely to draw publicity and raise the likelihood of buyer engagement.

Retro Neon Signs – If you know what you want your NYC neon sign to look like, we will make it for you. We have experience in producing all sorts in signs for companies in all sorts of sectors.

How do Neon Signs measure up against LED Lights?

Neon Signs – A neon sign is always the best choice for your company, since its bright glow quickly draws the attention of viewers, and its design is distinctive and attractively retro. Not only that, but it’s long-lasting, with a normal life cycle of decades, and needs no electricity or upkeep to keep it going, saving you electricity costs in the long run.

LED Signs – Like neon signs, LED signs have the advantage of being clear and visible both day and night. Both types of illuminated signs have benefits and can be appropriate for various purposes. LED signs for businesses could be preferred if your main concern is light, since LEDs are much lighter than neon and can be seen more easily from a distance. They’re also a little less difficult to restore if damaged, since neon tubes contain gases and can only be treated by experienced repair staff.

If you are interested in learning more about our NYC Neon Signs and would like to talk about our services, please feel free to contact us today at (212) 388-9388.