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Whenever you enter a store or an office, you might have noticed the frosted glass door or windows that make the place look extremely professional. This is all the magic of frosted glass vinyl. Installing frosted glass vinyl has been one of the most popular ways to create a professional image for your company while ensuring added privacy. Be it the exterior of a building or a specific seating area. Frosted glass windows are not just perfect for displaying your brand logo but they also enhance the privacy of your office. If you explore your options for actual frosted glasses, the prices can shoot through the roof. At Vida Signs, we’re your one-stop destination for custom-made frosted glass vinyl which helps in achieving a fully opaque or partially transparent look on glass doors and windows, without breaking your bank. We can also create custom graphics on these frosted glass vinyl. Whether you want to display your business logo or design custom artwork on your decal to make a space look more appealing, our team will help you with the same. 

What is a Frosted Glass Sign?

Frosted glass signs or frosted vinyl are decals that are made as per your window or door measurements and they adhere perfectly to the glass surface. Frosted glass signs give the same effect as etched glass but they are significantly less expensive. Our designers pay extreme attention to detail that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between real etched glass and our frosted glass vinyl.

Frosted galss signs
frosted glass signs

What are the Uses of Frosted Glass Vinyl?

Apart from enhancing privacy, there are a few other ways that make frosted glass windows worth the investment. To understand this, let us first break down the two types of frosted vinyl. 

  • Frosted vinyl decals: Idea for stores or offices that want detailed designs or logos on their glass windows or doors. Frosted vinyl decals are printed decals that can be cut into various shapes and sized to get the desired detailing.
  • Frosted vinyl lettering: If you don’t want to go all-in with artwork, designs, and logos, vinyl lettering is the ideal choice for you. These types of decals can do the job for you if you’re not looking for fully opaque decals but you still want your store to be noticed. You can even use this at restroom doors, cabin doors, and front of the building. These are more preferred if your primary motive is to market and get noticed rather than enhance privacy.

All our frosted glass signs have a fascinating appearance and are high quality. You don’t have to go for pre-made vinyl, our custom frosted glass signs will be designed as per your specifications. 

What is the Difference Between Frosting and Etched Glass?

Frosting is changing the appearance of the glass surface to make it opaque. On the other hand, etching involves altering a film into a decorative design or text. We at Vida Signs, offer both these variants so you can choose as per your requirements. 

Benefits of Installing Frosted Glass Film

With a wide variety of designs and customization options available, etched glass signs have become more popular than ever. 

  • Easy to install

Fetched glass signs are extremely easy to install. These vinyl wraps require minimal effort and you can do it yourself too. Although we do provide installation assistance, if you prefer a DIY then you’ve got it. Not just easy to install but you can even take them off on your own whenever you like.

  • Customizable

Be it your business logo or some designs, frosted glass signs can be cut and shaped as per your needs. Since it is extremely versatile, it is ideal for a plethora of signage ideas. If you want any fancy cuts for your etched glass door or you want to keep it plain and simple- we can do it all! 

  • Budget-friendly 

As compared to the actual etched glasses, frosted glass vinyl is less expensive. One more benefit is that frosted glasses are permanent whereas frosted vinyl can be removed whenever you want to and you can replace it with a newer design. Enjoy them while you love the design and take them off once you’re in the mood to give your windows and doors a little makeover. 

  • Enhances privacy

Frosted window vinyl can provide ultimate privacy to a cabin or any other room. It can be used in restrooms, conference rooms, or any other areas where you want to ensure privacy. You can also opt for one-way frosted vinyl which is see-through the front inside of the room but completely opaque when you view from the outside. 

  • Allows natural light

While frosted glass vinyl does provide privacy, it is not completely opaque. You won’t end up with dark and gloomy indoors. Designs like vinyl lettering will obviously allow light through the gaps but even full decals allow plenty of light without compromising on privacy.

Frosted glass 1
Frosted glass 2
Frosted glass 3
Frosted glass 4

Get your own custom frosted glass signs

At Vida Signs, we are a team of highly skilled designers and fabricators who have more than a decade of experience in the sign-making industry. We promise to deliver the finest quality of frosted vinyl signs which can be customized in various ways. You can opt for designer vinyl letting which will add to the aesthetics of your office while providing privacy. We customize all types of vinyl signs. From bold letters, business logos to vinyl with the most detailed designs- you name it and we will customize it for you!

Professional Frosted and Etched Glass Installers – Vida Signs

Wondering why you should associate with us? Here is what makes us worth your time and money!

  • Affordable

We believe that the best quality services can be provided without burning a hole in our customers’ pocket. Despite being one of the most fast-evolving signage companies in NYC, all our products are reasonably priced and the products will do justice to the price you pay. 

  • Customer-first approach

Although we have a spotless track record when it comes to customer satisfaction, our team will make sure to cater to your needs even if you have the slightest dissatisfaction. Our support team is always happy to assist you with any product queries, delivery updates, or any other order-related issues. 

  • Fast turn-around time

Our designer team is ever ready and well equipped with the latest tools and technologies that allow them to design your products quickly and efficiently. They will understand your needs and then convey the same to the printing team and they will get started immediately. We hate over-promising and under-delivering. We will mention a tentative delivery date once your order is confirmed and you will get the products within the mentioned time frame.

Your custom-made etched glass signs are just a call away. Get in touch with us at (212)-388-9388 or write to us at [email protected].

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