Neon Signs NYC

NYC neon signs are something that connects New York City to its true elements. What do you see when you hear the word, ‘New York’? you think about those big illuminated signs, light boards and the entire city lit up in pretty colors. Located in the ‘city that never sleeps’, we have extensive experience in working with so many different brands that need lighting solutions for their business. From the board hanging for sale of neon lights to lightboxes, LED channel letters, signboards, and much more- we have benchmarked ourselves as one of the most reliable companies when it comes to giving your interiors and exteriors a 360-degree makeover. With all the love we have been receiving from our clients, we have expanded our services way beyond neon signs. Our ever-growing team of designers strives to stay on top of trends and technologies to ensure that they deliver the best in the market. We have expanded our creative flairs in areas such as digital printing, vinyl decal, 3D letter and plates, flag and blade signs, and creating bespoke lighting solutions for our customers.

Stroke & Style

Single Stroke Neon

Double Stroke Neon


Neon Front Blockout


3D Neon


Animated Neon


Infinity Mirror

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Neon with Backing

* More colors and meterial available


Neon with Contour Cut Backing

*More colors and meterial available


Infinity Mirror


Neon with Metal Frame

Neon with Clear Tube Support


Neon with Box

* More colors and meterial available


Self-Standing Sign
Backing w/ Stand


Self-Standing Sign
Backing w/ Base

Counsult with us for possibility


T Stand Backing

Counsult with us for possibility


Magnetic Transformer

15000V 30mA
6in x 4in x 10in
Color: Black only
Recommended for perminant neon signs


Electronic Transformer

9000V 30mA
5000V 30mA (dimmable)
3500V 30mA
3in x 2in x 9in
Color: Black only
Recommended for events or short term use


If the neon is only 1 piece


If the neon is in multiple piece, all the electrode need to be connected with wires.

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Anything that’s on your mind, you can customize it as a neon sign!
Our neon signs are 100% customizable. You can choose from our variety of shade range, font style and size, mounting style, and various other lighting options. Our signs are extremely versatile. We are specialized, but not restricted to commercial signage. Our bespoke lighting solutions help you to bring your creative ideas to life. Whether it is a corner in your home that could use a positive saying or you want your dog’s face illuminated in your living room- we do it all! With our neon signs, NY, you can completely change the way your business looks. You decide the kind of feel you want to incorporate into your business and get it customized in the form of neon signs. Whether it is your brand’s name, logo, or the tagline of your business; a lot of our neon sign needs come from events, like weddings, corporate events, retail store decoration and branding. We are up for anything.

Hand made by the best local designers

Fast turnaround time

Local installation, repair and maintenance

Curious About Our Customization Process? Let Us Take You Through It

We start by knowing what you have in mind or if you don’t know where to get started, we can explore ideas together and create something unique. It could be the lyrics of your favorite song, your brand's logo or brand name, or even shapes of your products. We are always up for discussing a few ideas and options to figure out the best choice for you. If you would like to indulge in a more personalised experience, you can even stop by our shop and discuss your requirements and ideas with our designers. 

Determine the type of fonts you want to go for, the color variations, size of the sign, and some other feature. Once we have all the details, our team of designers will start working on a bespoke and unique neon signs created exclusively for you. 

You are just one step away from giving your home or office a completely new look. Whether you have chosen something simple or something that makes a statement- our products will add the perfect touch of creativity and personalization to your space.

Trusted and Loved By Your Favorite Brands

Neon signs are here to stay and this has been made very clear by the majority of your favorite brands too. One of our greatest achievements is having gained the trust of some amazing brands like Louis Vuitton, H&M, FENDI, NIKE, Adidas, Ferrari, and many more!

Share Your Ideas And Leave The Rest To Us

You are just one step away from creating the most stunning neon signs for your business. All you need to do is share your ideas and we will take care of the rest. Our designers will work using the finest technology to bring out to do justice to your creative ideas. We can also help you if you are searching for ‘neon sign repair near me’ and are struggling to find a reliable company. Take one step closer to making your business shine bright, just like it deserves!

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