Digital Signage for Hotel

Hotel Digital Signage: 10 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Hotel

Digital signage is becoming a go-to solution in the hospitality industry to enhance the guest experience. Why is it so effective? Digital signage, when combined with thoughtfully designed content, has the unique ability to inform, engage, and entertain. Various sectors of the tourism industry, including hotels, airports, event planners, food services, and restaurants, are recognizing the benefits of adopting digital signage.

Hotels have found great success with digital signage. Their primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. Hotel digital signage can significantly improve the guest experience by keeping them informed, safe, entertained, and happy. This is why many leading hotels are leveraging digital signage to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we’ll explore how digital signage can transform your hotel into a more engaging, modern, and guest-centric environment.

What is Digital Signage in Hotels?


Digital signage in hotels refers to using digital displays, such as LED lights or projection screens, to convey information, entertainment, or advertisements in a visually appealing manner. From custom neon signs that add a personalized touch to neon LED light boxes that provide vibrant, eye-catching visuals, hotel digital signage serves as a dynamic communication tool. In hotels, these digital displays enhance guest engagement and streamline various hotel operations.

You might find neon signs in hotel lobbies or laser-cut signs directing guests to important links like dining areas or event spaces. Light boxes can highlight key services, while LED channel letters can be used for prominent signage. 

Digital printing techniques ensure high-quality visuals and vinyl decals can be used for temporary messages or promotions. Hotels’ digital signage solutions can be used for automated check-ins, wayfinding, event management, etc. With these versatile tools, hotels create a more connected and interactive environment that leads to a more satisfying guest experience.

10 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Hotel


  • Digital Signage For Automated check-in Hotels

 The check-in process can often be cumbersome for hotel guests. However, you can alleviate this challenge and create a better first impression by making digital displays both engaging and functional. 

For example, guests arrive at your hotel, and a wall-mounted digital display immediately captures their attention. By installing touchscreen kiosks in the lobby, guests can check themselves in and out with ease, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks.

  • Provide Real-Time Welcome Information

Guests expect an easy way to navigate your busy establishment. Traditional signs, like white paper sheets with arrows, can be ineffective. Digital signage for hotels offers a more engaging and effective way to direct visitors. You can keep the digital signage simple with text or make it fully interactive, providing guests with a map they can zoom in on to explore different areas.

Using digital signage for hotels has several benefits:

  • It reduces lines at the information desk, improving the visitor experience.
  • It frees up staff for other tasks, potentially lowering payroll costs.
  • It can also serve as an evacuation map during emergencies, helping prevent injuries and fatalities.


  • Offer Virtual Concierge Services

A hotel concierge provides guests with easy access to relevant information. With hospitality digital signage and interactive kiosks, hotels can offer a virtual concierge experience. This allows guests to quickly find information about local activities, such as special events, top attractions, and recommended restaurants near the hotel. A digital screen ensures that both the concierge and guests always have access to the latest, most pertinent information.

  • In-room Services

Hotel digital signage can also be integrated into guest rooms to provide various in-room services. Moreover, in-room digital signage can also display information about hotel events, local attractions, and promotional offers. This not only enhances the guest experience by providing convenient access to services but also opens up opportunities for upselling hotel amenities and services.

  • Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

The hotel lobby is the first point of contact for many guests, making it an ideal location for digital signage. Hotel lobby digital signage can be used to display various information, such as event schedules, promotional offers, and guest information.

For example, a digital display in the lobby can show upcoming events at the hotel, special dining offers, and information about nearby attractions. This not only keeps guests informed but also creates an engaging and dynamic environment in the lobby.

  • Security and Crisis Alert

Safety and security are crucial in the hospitality industry, and digital signage can play a crucial role in this regard. Hotels can use digital signage to display real-time security alerts, emergency instructions, and evacuation routes.

In a crisis, such as a fire or natural disaster, digital signage can provide clear and concise instructions to guests and staff, helping to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation. Additionally, digital signage for hotels can be used to display security information, such as the location of emergency exits and contact details for hotel security personnel.

  • Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly popular in hotel restaurants and cafes. These dynamic displays can showcase menu items, special promotions, and nutritional information, enhancing the dining experience for guests.

Digital menu boards offer the flexibility to update menu items and prices in real time, ensuring that guests can always access the latest information. This not only improves the efficiency of the dining service but also allows hotels to promote special offers and upsell items, increasing revenue.

  • Streamline Orientation and Navigation Process

Navigating a large hotel can be challenging for guests, especially if it’s their first visit. Hospitality digital signage can help streamline the orientation and navigation process by providing interactive maps and wayfinding information.

Touchscreen kiosks can be placed strategically throughout the hotel, allowing guests to find their way to their rooms, conference facilities, or other amenities. This not only enhances the guest experience by making it easier to navigate the hotel but also reduces the need for staff to provide directions, freeing them up to focus on other tasks.

  • Travel Information

Travel information is another valuable use of digital signage in hotels. Digital displays can provide real-time updates on flight schedules, weather forecasts, and local transportation options, helping guests plan their travel activities.

  • Manage Your Events Professionally

Hotels often host various events, from conferences and meetings to weddings and parties. Digital signage can help manage these events more effectively by providing real-time information and updates.

For example, digital printing can be used to show event schedules, speaker information, and room locations, helping attendees navigate the event smoothly. This not only improves the overall event experience for attendees but also reduces the workload for hotel staff, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service.

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