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Give Your Workspace or Retail Shop a Personalized Touch with Our Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs allow you to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers and clients with personalized and innovative designs. Apart from offering unmatched durability and sturdiness, these custom metal signage can immediately level up the visual appeal of your entire space and manage to represent your brand most innovatively. The best part? You can test your creativity and develop a design that communicates with your customers or speaks a lot about your brand.

At Vida Signs, we help you create a metal sign representing your brand. For 20+ years, Vida Signs has transformed the sign-making industry by providing quality and cost-effective custom metal signage options to individuals and businesses. Creating personalized metal sign design is our specialty, and we ensure each signage is made with your actual purpose and goal in mind. You customize metal signs by choosing your preferred style, pattern, color, finishes, design, and theme. Each laser-cut metal sign consists of accurate finishing and can be shaped based on your actual purpose – for metal family name signs, letter signage, or business logo.

Our expert designers integrate the current trends and ideas that can contribute to highly innovative and enticing metal signs. Whether you need assistance with creating metal name signs for your home or designing decorative metal signs for your small business, our team will guide you through the entire process – from planning custom metal signs to installation.

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What Are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are a highly versatile and innovative signage option that can be used indoors and outdoors. Individuals and businesses can choose various metal varieties – from aluminum, tin to brass. Aluminum metal signs are more long-lasting and can withstand external elements. Tin and brass metal signs can continue to shine and hold shape for a longer time, especially with proper care and maintenance.

No matter what metal type you choose, our metal signs will leave a long-lasting impression on anyone – whether potential customers or clients. Our custom metal signs offer you extensive benefits – from unmatched durability and competency to improvising modern appearance. In addition, our laser-cut metal signs are designed to provide your interior or exterior a crystal clear appeal and act as a point of attraction that doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

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Types of Metal Signs

Metal signs are available in various metal types – stainless steel, aluminum, tin, and brass. These metal signs are highly suitable for outdoor use and can sustain extreme weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Signs

Stainless steel signs are an excellent option for those individuals or businesses who want to ensure erosion-free and rust-resistant signage. With stainless steel signs, you can choose a brushed finish or a polished finish. In addition, these metal signs can be cut and customized in any shape or letter based on your preferred design.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are among the most popular signage options for businesses looking to install signs outside. Such metal signs can be easily customized based on the desired shape, size, pattern, or letter. Aluminum signage is usually preferred because of its durability, affordability, and versatility.

Brass Signs

Brass signs can immediately capture the attention of any passersby. These metal signs jump off the wall and communicate the message you want to convey. Brass signs are primarily seen in law and corporate offices. Such laser-cut metal signs are cut in precision to elevate the overall surrounding.

Bronze Sign

The bronze sign offers an upscale golden brown metal color that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. These metal signs are relatively used in businesses, law offices, and banks as letter or logo signage. Compared to other metal sign options, the timeless appeal provided by a bronze sign is entirely unmatched.

Copper Signs

Copper signs offer a beautiful fiery appeal that can never go unnoticed. These metal signs are always a remarkable statement when used in high-end salons, interior designs, fashion boutiques, designing companies, wineries and breweries, and any place looking to create a luxurious and top-notch establishment.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Metal Signs?

Metal signs are one of the most common signage options individuals and businesses consider. Compared to other custom sign options, metal signs offer you the best of both worlds – high-end appeal and excellent functionality. Our laser-cut metal signs are often used in construction sites, warehouses, and other establishments needing a signage option that can withstand wear and tear weather conditions and are chemical resistant. In addition, these appealing yet durable signs are used as warning signs and regulatory signs because of their high visibility and durability features. Here are more benefits of choosing our metal signs:



Flat and laser-cut metal signs are ultra-thin and can be mounted anywhere, from walls to fences. The ultra-thin quality reduces potential mounting restrictions and ensures proper installation inside and outside the premises.


Super Lightweight and Durable

Each signage piece carries unmatched durability, whether you choose aluminum outdoor metal signs or opt for bronze metal family name signs. In addition, the lightweight feature of the metal sign ensures accurate mounting and installation on any surface.


Chemical Resistant

Some metal signs – like aluminum – are naturally chemically resistant. The chemical resistant quality of metal sign makes it a suitable signage addition for construction and warehouses usually exposed to chemicals. East cleaning is a plus point!



One of the obvious benefits of installing metal signs! Metal signs can last longer than any other customized signage materials. However, the life expectancy may vary from one metal type to another. But proper maintenance will do the job.


Waterproof and Rustproof

Aluminum metal signage is waterproof and rust-resistant, making it an ideal outdoor signage option. In addition, these metal signs can withstand external elements – like sunlight, rain, heavy winds, etc. – and continue to remain constant.


Easily Customizable

Our personalized metal signs allow you to custom create signage suitable to your needs and preference. You can choose your preferred metal type, style, shape, color, finish, and theme to create highly innovative signage that entices your customers.

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Industries That Use Our Decorative Metal Signs

For the last two decades, Vida Signs has been providing highly innovative and eye-catchy laser-cut metal signs to businesses of various industries. Our years of experience and industry knowledge has allowed us to set a benchmark as a trusted, reputed, and credible signage company that offers high-end signage solutions. We strive for customer satisfaction and ensure every piece of signage delivered represents quality over standard work. We have designed thousands of custom laser-cut metal signs for various industries. To name some:


Our metal name signs are often used in universities to display classroom numbers, department names, meeting rooms, and outdoor premises.


Government buildings and offices use our personalized metal name signs to create state or federal seals, law enforcement shields, and military seals.


Thousands of corporate offices have installed our innovative custom metal signs to create a visually appealing and professional business setting.


Our laser-cut metal signs are highly recommended for banks and financial institutions that want to create a more professional environment.


Food services use our outdoor metal signs to grab the attention of their customers by displaying information on opening hours, discounts, etc.


Our highly visible custom metal name signs are perfect for hospitals and health care facilities to display information, names, and room markings.

Our Outdoor Metal Sign Installation Options

Your metal sign should be installed in such a way that your customers can notice it from every possible angle. Correct installation of metal signs plays a pivotal role in ensuring potential customers see your signage and helps them understand more about your business. Some standard installation methods for our laser cut metal signs include:


On Stand Installation

We install your metal sign on a stand-alone post securely to ensure you don’t have to deal with the sudden risk of falling apart and manage to grab the attention of passersby.


On Wall Installation

On-wall installation is one of several businesses’ most common installation methods. So allow us to install your metal sign on the wall and let your brand do the talking.


In Frame Installation

In-frame installation is recently becoming popular among businesses for its unique technique to hang metal signage inside the frame with a string, rope, or bungee cord.

If you plan to install an outdoor metal name sign or want to install the wall decorative metal signs, our team can assist you with all types of installation and ensure you have a completely satisfying installation experience with us.

Contact Us Today for Custom Metal Signs

As a leading signage company, we know how businesses can benefit from this highly innovative and unique signage. Our years of experience and extensive industry knowledge allow us to design your signage with intricacy and expert customization at minimum downtime. You can trust Vida Signs to deliver the highest quality custom laser-cut metal sign and design ideas that best fit your business or purpose.

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Common FAQs

What is the Most Popular Metal Sign Material?

Aluminum is the most prevalent metal sign material considered by several businesses. Besides offering unmatched durability and versatility, aluminum metal signs are relatively affordable and can integrate with any background. With aluminum, companies can choose their preferred finish between brushed or polished and opt for various colors. Aluminum custom metal name signs are widely used in neighborhoods, offices, and health care facilities. Our aluminum custom signs offer excellent quality, durability, and versatility at a cost-effective price.

What is the Most Expensive Metal Sign Material?

The most expensive metal sign material has to be brass and copper. Brass resembles solid gold and is available in various finishes – polished, brushed, and oxidized oil-rubbed. Copper is a high-end metal material usually used in salons, interior designs, fashion boutiques, companies, wineries, breweries, etc. Rose gold copper metal signs with the fiery rose-colored metal finish are trending. Although both metal materials come with an extra cost, nothing can beat the level of sophistication and elegance they provide to your premises. Brass and a copper sign are totally worth the money!

How Much Does a Custom Metal Sign Cost?

The cost of the custom metal sign may vary depending on various factors, including the type of metal, size and shape preference, the additional design needed, and other variables. The cost may also vary based on the intricate customization required. You can call us at (212)-388-9388 and discuss your metal sign requirements. We will provide you with an estimated quote based on your needs.

What Is the Manufacturing Time for Your Signs?

At Vida Sign, we understand that waiting for your much-awaited custom metal sign way past the said delivery can be annoying. Consequently, we ensure our design-manufacture-deliver procedure is seamless and quick with an accurate time frame. We are well-versed with taking bulk orders and delivering each custom sign on the mentioned delivery date. Whether you need metal name signs outdoors or indoors, you can trust us to provide you with the fastest turnaround time for delivery.

How Do I Install the Sign? Is It Easy and Can I Do It Myself?

Our custom laser-cut metal signs are designed to ensure anyone can install them. We can also guide you through the process to provide an accurate installation. However, if you need assistance with installation, you can reach out to us.

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