Everything You Need to Know About LED Channel Letter

LED channel letters signs that define and add values to your brand name. It is one of the most attention-grabbing signs to your audience. Generally, LED channel letters are used to advertise your business and attract your target audience.

So, if you are looking for signage that can create an impression on your target audience then channel letter is definitely the right choice for you. But what exactly are these channel letters?

You must have seen custom made channel letter signs at a storefront near you. These signs are personalized in a variety of ways to suit any business’ need. These channel letters are nothing but custom-made letters that are usually made of plastic or metal.

These channel letters are specially made to give it a 3D look so that you can easily read them against the buildings where they are installed. While the plastic channel letter signs are illuminated with LED bulbs from the inside, these are known as LED channel letters. These type of channel letters are very well known in different types of businesses and organizations like hotels, shop, shopping centers, and much more.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Also known as the reverse lit sign, it is the perfect choice for your business as the light actually creates a halo effect around each letter. In this channel letters, the back of the letter is usually made with clear acrylic with a stand to keep it away from the mounting surface. It is the LED light in the background that creates a halo effect around the sign. While the front of the letter is made with aluminum that doesn’t illuminate.

Front Lit Channel Letters

These are the most common type of channel letters as they are easily visible during the day as well as night. Front Lit channel letters also sometimes known as LED channel letter as the LEDs are located in the front of the letters that illuminate the name of the brand or place.

Open Face Channel Letters

Alike halo lit sign, the open face channel letter sign is made entirely of clear acrylics. This looks like an open face, thus giving the name open-face channel letters. These signs are usually created with neon inside the letters for illumination but it can be made with LED as well.

Combination of Front/Reverse Lit Channel Letters

As the name suggests, these signs are a combination of front and backlit halo signs where the sides are made of aluminum and the face is made of acrylic. Such type of signs is usually illuminated by internal LEDs. These signs are considered as the best channel letters in terms of lightings.

Things You Might Not Know About LED Sign Boards

Another way to attract the attention of your best potential customer is through LED advertising or LED signs for businesses. LED signs are nothing but flat panel displays that use a series of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as pixels to display the video message.

Today, LED signs for businesses are commonly used outdoors as they are capable of providing general illumination in addition to the visual display. Moreover, These LED sign boards offer more value to money as the message can be changed quickly and safely.

Advantages of LED Signs for Businesses
  • The LED signboard increases brand awareness of all the services your business can offer.
  • It also promotes high-margin and seasonal services.
  • These LED signboards can also be used to mirror your advertisements on TV and print ads.
  • It can also create a need of urgency with limited-time offers.
  • Last but not least, it can promote your website as well!
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