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How To Your Boost Outdoor Advertising Using Sandwich Boards?

Outdoor advertising can be the ultimate game changer for your small local business. Customers passing by your local stores spare only a few minutes to decide whether they should enter your store or choose your competitors to purchase desired products. During that period, outdoor business signs can help in influencing the purchase decision of your customers and stand out from the competition. 

Sandwich board signs are one of the best ways to announce ongoing promotions, new products, and other exciting news to your customers. In this blog, we have mentioned everything that will help in learning and expanding your marketing tactics using outdoor sandwich board signs


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So, let’s get started by understanding:

What are sandwich boards? 


Sandwich outdoor signs are one of the oldest and most popular outdoor signs in NYC. These sign boards came into origin in the 19th century when merchants and tradesmen hired laborers to carry placards up and down the streets of the country. Sandwich boards are made by joining two placards or boards on top of each other creating an ‘A’ shaped board. 

These outdoor signs can be placed easily on the sidewalk or outside at the entry point of your stores. You can also get your sandwich boards customized to attract customers’ attention and increase sales. To get your customized sign boards at affordable rates, call us at (212)-388-9388.


What kind of eye-catching A-Frame signs are available to boost your business?


Over the past few decades, we have witnessed different and unique styles of A-frame used by local businesses to improve their marketing efforts and aesthetic appeals of their stores. Here are some amazing ideas to choose from. 

  1. Chalkboard signs 

Chalkboard signs boards are one the cost-effective ways to enhance your outdoor business areas. With chalkboard signs, you can write new messages every day and show off your artistic skills. However, chalkboards are not durable and can easily get damaged during harsh weather conditions.  If you are looking for durable and sturdy quality New York signs, consider other options mentioned below. 

  1. Typical outdoor sandwich boards 

Typical sandwich frame boards are popularly used for restaurant sidewalk sign purposes. This sign board is similar to chalkboard signs where cafe or restaurant owners can write their daily specials on both sides of the board. However, compared to chalkboard signs, this sign board adds more aesthetically pleasing values to your outdoor areas. 

  1. Wood sandwich board 

Wood sandwich boards are perfect for shop owners looking for antique or rustic sign boards for their businesses. You can improve the overall appearance of your wood sandwich board by adding more vibrant colors and attractive designs to your sign board. 

  1. Plastic double-sided A-frame signs 

When it comes to eye-pleasing outdoor signs ideas, plastic A-frame signs simply top the chart. Plastic sign boards are lighter in weight and water resistant. You don’t have to worry about placing your sign boards in shade or inside your shops during rainy seasons. 

  1. Metal sign board 

We kept the best for the last. Compared to all other options, metal sign boards are one of the most versatile and durable options. Metal sign boards draw more attention and can withstand harsh weather conditions for long periods. If you are looking for one-time investment boards, metal name signs are the best available option. 


Things to consider to make your sandwich board more attractive


From designing your sandwich board to selecting the best colors, several factors are considered during the process. Here are some crucial factors to look for before finalizing your sandwich board designs in New York. 

  1. Simplify the message 

Avoid adding everything on your sign boards. Outside sign boards are designed to attract customers’ attention and inform them about your business in minimum words. Add limited and meaningful information on your sign boards, such as opening and closing timing, ongoing offers, best product/ service, and more. 

  1. Use vibrant colors 

The right choice of colors can help improve your outdoor visual appeal and increase the chances of customers entering your store. You can consider color-coordinating with your decor theme or business logo. Choose colors that are easily visible from afar on the road. 

  1. Choose legible fonts 

Often business owners make mistakes by choosing too small or illegible fonts. Incorrect font sizes can pass misinformation, and customers can lose their interest. Opt for simple and classic font patterns to enhance the visibility of the message on your sign boards. 

At Vida Signs, we offer a wide range of business outdoor sign designs and style options at the best price. We are the leading sign company in NYC with years of experience in delivering satisfactory customer service. To learn more about our services or custom signs in NYC, call us at (212)-388-9388 and speak directly with one of our representatives.