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Excellent Event Signage Ideas for A Better Attendee Experience

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Business events or exhibitions are a great way to interact with new customers and get meaningful business exposure. There is no denying that customers get attracted to unique and eye-catching event signage. They tend to show more interest in your products/services and become potential leads for your business. It is an opportunity you would not want to miss.

Installing simple and ordinary signage for a business event might not create the desired impact, resulting in less potential customers and adverse impression on your guest. Business events are not only attended by customers but also by investors looking for new products or businesses to invest in. Therefore, it is extremely vital to work on your event signage ideas and focus on improving the overall experience of your event attendees.

This guide will help you discover some unique event signage ideas to impress your guests and stand out from the competition.

Why event signage is important? 

 Let us look at the reasons why event signage plays a significant role in the successful outcome of your business event.


  1. Improve sales


The ultimate purpose of business events, exhibitions, and fairs are to persuade customers to purchase your business goods or services. Custom event signs can help you attract maximum customer attention and increase your brand awareness. Improved brand awareness eventually can result in an overall increase in sales revenue and profits.


  1. Generate leads


Leads are the most valuable and vital asset to your business. Leads can help you generate more clients and improve your brand image in the market places. Leads are the set of people who will suggest your products or services to new customers and promote your business without any monetary gains.


  1. Guiding event attendees


During the business event, it is quite normal for attendees to get lost or forget directions. However, with event signage, you can not only make your customer aware of your brand but also guide them with directions. You can include valuable information on your event signs such as contact details, customer services, emergency contact for the event, and more that can help them find a way out.


  1. Brand awareness  


Business events are also considered opportunities to attract new investors or sponsors for your company. Impressive signage designs can allow you to gain the attention of reputable sponsors and investors present at the event. It can help you catch their attention at first glance and leave strong impressions on their minds.


What are some DIY event signage ideas? 


  1. Neon lighting


When it comes to unique and impressive event signage, neon lighting simply tops the charts. With neon lighting, you can create endless possibilities and design your event signage the way you want. You can create illuminating lighting effects and attract customer attention even from afar. At Vida Signs, we offer a wide range of neon lighting color options to choose from. Get in touch with us today to book your order for customizable signs for your business event.


  1. Custom wooden signs


For indoor business events, custom wooden signs can be an ideal signage option. Similar to neon lighting signage, wooden signs are highly versatile. Wooden signs can immediately level up the visual appeal of your event and encourage customers to spend more time on your booth or particular areas of your business event.


  1. Directional signs


Directional signs are one of the best ways to catch the attention of your guests and customers. Attendees look for directional signs to locate the event booth of their interest or to simply explore the location. You can add your company slogan or creative lines on directional signs that will help attendees to know more about your business.


  1. Social media photo booths


Social media picture booths have become a common and trendy marketing tactic by many businesses. Adding social media picture booths can help you manage the crowd and create picturesque zones for them. You can also consider adding lighting signage, wooden signage, metal signage, and other types of signage designs to level the aesthetics of your business event. 


How should I use event signage?


Many people wonder ‘how many event signs should I have?’ and what can I do with these signs? Well, the answer is simple you can use event signage as a marketing tool, directional board, picturesque zone at your business event, or simply the way you want to. There are no rules or specific ways to use event signage for your business exhibitions.


How expensive is event signage? 


The cost of the event signage depends on the type of signage company and signage option you choose to install at your event. The factors that can influence the cost of the event signage may vary from one signages company to another.


Where can I purchase event signage? 


At Vida Signs, you can get an extensive range of signage collections at manageable prices. You can explore our website or speak to one of our representatives to discover an ideal and budget-friendly signage option for your business event.


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