Custom Neon Signs

Customizing neon signs: The Innovative Option for Illuminating a Space

Custom neon signs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s commercial world. One of the reasons for this trend is that many people confuse custom neon signs with traditional, store-bought sign products sold by big-box stores or online retailers. They are not the same thing-neon signs made through professional companies use high-quality components and processes to ensure the products are durable and long-lasting. What makes custom neon signs different from those found at department stores is that they contain customized messages, logos, or other graphics.

Custom Neon Lights


The best reason for customizing neon signs is that once you order a sign from an online retailer, there’s no way to change it later on when something changes in your business or marketing strategy. If you want to tweak your company’s identity after purchasing the standard neon signs they sell at their location, good luck finding another one that lets you do so without paying for customization all over again. With a professionally-made neon sign from a company specializing in products of this nature, you can make changes whenever you need to and keep your messaging fresh and effective with minimal effort on your part.

Another upside is that if you arrange for custom neon signs through a professional provider, they’ll deliver them quickly–in most cases within or graphics instead of a standard phrase or lettering type.

How Are Custom Neon Signs Made?

Since neon is such a dangerous and unpredictable material to work with, custom neon signs require specialized equipment and engineering expertise. A good sign company should have every piece of the necessary equipment on-site, as well as experienced engineers who have been specially trained to work with neon.

In order to create a custom neon sign, the first step is the same for any other kind of commercial signage: a graphic designer creates a design that can be read by anyone walking or driving by. The next step in the process involves converting this image into what’s known as “Griswold,” named after its creator, Walter Griswold. In order to achieve this conversion, technicians use specialized software and equipment such as plasma cutters and induction benders.

Once the design has been converted into Griswold format, it is sent from the graphics department all the way down to the assembly floor where engineers will begin assembling the different components of the finished product together.

Custom affordable neon signs can be as unique as their owners want them to be, but there are distinct advantages to going the custom route. For one thing, it saves money because you’re not paying for any advertising space on a pre-made sign. In addition, your company’s message will stand out from all the other business signage in town because it isn’t a mass-produced item with everyone else’s store logo on it. This is an excellent way to make sure people know where you meet their needs better than anyone else providing similar services or products.

If you’re thinking of getting a neon sign for your company, consider going custom instead of buying something off the rack. With this option, you’ll get an attractive and effective way to communicate with potential customers in your area, and all it takes is a professional company that knows how to put these signs together–like Vida Signs.


What do Customized Neon Signs Offer?

Customization makes these signs more attractive than others because they are created by professionals, who understand what would work best for the particular business and how the message should be delivered in order to attract more customers and convert them into regulars or regulars creating an amazing effect.

Customized Neon Signs-Delivering the Right Message About Your Business

They are made in such a way that when the lights behind them are switched on, they make use of all available space to deliver a message or display pictures related to what you sell. For example, if you run a restaurant and want customers to know where your authentic Italian dishes can be found, it will be great for you to create a sign with captions written in Italian along with lovely pictures showing mouthwatering pasta dishes. This is something that no other business around would have and customers will definitely stop by at your store more often than others too!

Looking for Neon signs in NYC?

At Vida Signs, we can help you to design custom-made, affordable neon LED signboards that are designed exclusively for your needs. We believe that those who seek custom neon signs will find that one size does not fit all. We have a range of choices that will ensure that you can find just what you need without having to settle for less than excellent results. From traditional lettering and simple shapes such as arrows to complex displays such as those found in museums and entertainment venues around the world, customizing your order will allow your business or another commercial endeavor to stand out from its competition.