Channel Letter Signs: Which One to Choose For Your Business?

Ever wondered how your competitors are able to attract the attention of potential customers and create a distinct brand image in the market places? The right business marketing tactics are one of the major reasons why your business competitors can create a significant brand image and attract new customers to their stores.

Without brand marketing, it can be challenging for businesses to target their customers and create an appealing brand image in the market. For offline marketing, business channel letter signs play an important role in making your customers aware of your brand and encouraging them to visit your stores. Implementation of aesthetically pleasing LED channel letter signs can allow you to enhance the visual appeals of your business exteriors and leave a bold first impression of your brand.

Channel Letter Signs

Continue reading this blog till the end to explore vital information about channel letter signage and ways you add a creative touch to your business channel letter LED signs.


What is a Channel Letter Sign?


A channel letter signage is a three-dimensional graphics letter sign used to create brand awareness among the local customers and potential passing through your stores. Channel letter signs are known for creating an illuminating effect and grabbing the attention of customers even from far. At Vida Signs, we offer limitless variety and design options for our clients to choose from. Get in touch with us today to explore our wide range of stunning and creative channel letter signs for your business.


 How to make channel letters?


Channel letter signs are fabricated using two popular construction methods – computer numerical control (CNC) production and hand-operated tools. We offer an extensible range of channel letter sign options that can be easily customized as per your business needs and preferences. No matter your requirements, our experts will ensure to deliver you the best desired results.


What are illuminated channel letters?


LED channel letters are known as illuminating channel letters. LED channel letters are lit from either inside, outside, or both sides to create stunning visual effects for business, especially during night hours.


What Type of Channel Letter Signs are Available?


  1. Front-lit channel letters


The front-lit channel letter signage is one of the most common and standard types of channel letter signs available out there. In front-lit channel letter signs, the back of the signboard is made of aluminum and the front portion (or the face) is made of plastic, such as acrylic and polycarbonate. In this type of channel letter, the light is illuminated internally.


  1. Halo-lit channel letters


Halo-lit channel letters or reverse channel letters have their faces and returns made of aluminum materials. Unlike front-lit channel letters, lights in this type of sign glow around each side to create a halo effect for your LED letter signs. If you are looking for a distinctive, aesthetic, and yet simple design, then a halo-lit channel letter is all you need.


  1. Front and back lit channel letters


Front and back lit channel letter signs are a combination of front-lit and halo-lit channel letter signs. A front and back lit channel letter sign has its face made of polycarbonate and the back and return made of metal. Through this letter signage type, you can achieve both illuminating and halo effects to your letter signs.


  1. Open face-lit channel letters


As the name suggests, open face-lit channel letter signs come with no face. The back and sides of this channel letter sign are made of aluminum metal. Neon lights can be a better option than LED lights, as these types of channel letters have no face, and neon lights are usually exposed internally.


What are the Best Mounting Options for Channel Letter Signage?


There are three primary mounting solutions available in the market, including Direct or flush mounts, raceway mounts, and backer mounts. You can use the one that offers the best mounting solutions to your channel letters.


How are Channel Letter Signs Priced?


Several factors are considered while determining the price of a channel letter sign. To determine the cost of your type of channel letter sign, call us today at (212)-388-9388.


How Can I Use Channel Letter Signage?


You can use channel letter signage the way you want for your business marketing purposes. You can either install the channel letter sign outside your stores or inside your business facilities as per your business needs and requirements. It is recommended to use LED illumination for better effects outside your business stores.


What Should You Watch Out For?


You should know the restrictions and property guidelines imposed by the government authorities in your state to install channel letters outside the stores. Doing this will help you avoid unnecessary legal penalties and other legal issues.

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