benefits of channel letter

Benefits of Using Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

The signage of your company offers a lot of details at a glance about your brand. It shows your business’s name (of course!), but there is more to it than just that. Through color, style, and scale, it delivers a tone. With that in mind, we have seen more and more businesses have adopted the channel letters trend.

There are many reasons why many companies have switched to channel letters for signage, but it makes sense to list the types of channel letters before we discuss them to help you choose the right business signage for your company.

What is a Channel Letter?


Before we dig further, it is important to address a question that you may be wondering right now- “what makes this form of sign different from any other?” Ok, the channel letters are 3-dimensional, which means they extrude from the wall. Each letter is made up of heavy-duty material (usually aluminum), making it rust-proof and weather-proof against heat and moisture.  Each character’s depth varies depending on the whole sign’s scale, and the anterior part of the character is covered with transparent acrylic. These letters and numbers are placed on the wall or the ‘raceway’ mounted on the wall.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs


Perfect Visibility

This is one of the greatest advantages and why these channel letter signs are particularly common. This is because the channel letter sign can still offer top-of-the-line visibility, regardless of whether the sign is lit or not, and so everyone can find your business whether it’s been visited or not. We can design an appropriately sized sign, as it is the most important part for your potential customers so that they can see and read it from a distance. You don’t want the sign to be too thin, but at the same time, you don’t want to dwarf your entrance with a massive sign.


One of the most important benefits of channel letter signs is that they are energy efficient. If you choose a led channel letter, each character is lit with LEDs, ensuring that the sign can be seen from a distance, whether it’s day or night.

Channel letters are long-lasting

Aluminum is lightweight but preferably robust. It appears to stand up very well to nature’s elements, including heat, snow, rain, fire, ice, and even high winds. It’s also very cheap and calls for little maintenance. If you need some repairs to your signage, it is far easier to fix the channel letters rather than the neon signs, which appear to take weeks to repair.

Quick customizability

The manufacturing process of channel letters is very flexible, so the signage company you choose should be able to design almost any size, shape, color, style, or form that you want. Aluminum, the material used to produce most of the signs, is rust-proof, foldable, and can be customized as per the preference and price request. 

Brand Identity

Are you trying to save money on marketing? Channel lettering is excellent for communicating the brand name and logo. The font and logo pairings, which can be seen by thousands of passers-by every day are available with a large range of personalization options. After all, quality in your brandings, such as your signs, internet presence, and brochures, will improve your brand recognition and credibility while making you appear more professional and put together.

Eco- Friendly

How can we fail to mention that the channel letter signs are environmentally friendly? If you’re trying to go green or adhere to eco norms, that’s the sign for you. Maintaining one-time channel letter signage costs little. You might have to check for weathering once in a while, but these long-lasting signs are ultimately designed to last.

In addition, another benefit of channel letters is when you use LED lamps, you get more energy efficiency. LED lights will last five years or longer, depending on their ranking and how much you keep the sign illuminated.

Various Lighting Kinds

It should come as no surprise that even channel letters can be illuminated in distinct ways in a world of hundreds of signage choices. Although you can opt to have channel letters that do not light up in the evening, those that want 24-hour visibility should think about the various types of channel letters available on the market regardless of weather conditions, as well as enhanced complexity.

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters- The traditional configuration with a transparent or colored acrylic front surface and returns (sides) with aluminum backing. .
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters- They are the opposite of front-lit letters, known as ‘halo-lit’ or ‘backlit.’ Aluminum in front and transparent acrylic in the back make it glowy around the letters. 
  • Open Face Channel Letters-Another common type is the open face channel letters where the face is exposed inside to display any bulbs or neon tubes. In many regions, however, light laws also prohibit this type of channel letter.


For the perfect look and feel for your business, one can customize as per the requirement. Want to know the channel letter sign costs? Call us on (212)-388-9388 today!