What is Wall lettering and how can they add personal style to your home decor?



We all love to customize our homes in the best way possible, to create a space where you can feel yourself and let your imagination come into reality. Your home decor speaks volumes about your style and preferences and the kind of energy you have to offer your guests. There are many ways to decorate your home; however, wall decor plays a significant role in enhancing the appearance and vibe of your home. Wall decoration can help you change your decor texture and give a personalized touch to your home interiors. Adding personal style to your home with wall lettering is one of the greatest ways to enhance your home decor and create your own small paradise. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your home interiors, without making major changes to your existing decor, then you should definitely consider opting for personalized wall letterings. In this blog, we will be talking about vital information and facts that help you learn more about wall lettering decor and select the best wall lettering designs for your home. 

Without further ado, let us begin this blog by understanding what wall lettering is.  

Wall Leterring


What is wall lettering?


Wall lettering is basically a wall decor item that you can easily stick anywhere on your wall. Wall letterings are like wall stickers but with several layers. One of the common and preferred types of wall lettering available in the market is Vinyl Wall lettering. Vinyl wall lettering decor is a highly flexible and versatile wall decoration item out there. These wall letterings can be easily installed, repainted, and removed from your walls as and when required. 

In other words, if anytime you want to change your interior designs, you don’t have to worry about spending huge amounts of money on painting or changing the structure of your entire home. These wall letterings can be removed effortlessly, without causing any harm to your wall. 

What are the types of wall decor? 


There are several types of wall decor available in the market; however, the most preferred ones are Wall Decals and Vinyl Wall Letterings. Wall decals are mostly used as colorful images and logos. At the same time,Vinyl Letterings are mainly used for creating readable wall decorations such as small text or names. Wall Letterings are used by homeowners to add meaningful quotes or letters to different areas in their room, especially study rooms and libraries. 

At Vida Signs, we offer customizable types of Vinyl lettering signs, including Indoor Vinyl lettering and Outdoor Vinyl Lettering signs. Indoor Vinyl letterings can be used both on flat and slightly angled surfaces. Whereas, Outdoor Vinyl letterings are created specifically for external use and withstand harsh weather conditions. 

What are the advantages of wall lettering? 


Now let us look at some significant advantages of installing wall lettering to your home decorations and ways you can enhance your own home. 

  • Appealing effects 


One of the best parts of using wall lettering is that you can be highly imaginative and creative with your designs. In this way, you can enjoy installing the different types of designs in your rooms, based on the preference and styles of your family members. 

  • Maintenance is simple


Frames and other wall decorations tend to accumulate huge amounts of dust and dirt particles, which can be quite difficult to clean due to the complex designs and structure of the decore. Moreover, using any kind of cleaning supplement can leave adverse effects on the structure and affect its appearance. However, with wall lettering, you don’t have to worry about such issues. 

  • Easy to install 


To install wall letterings, all you need to do is place the wall lettering on the area of the wall you wish to decorate and slowly remove the adhesive protection cover. Ensure to read the manual guide or instruction provided by the company for better understanding and results. 

  • Can be reused 


Unlike other decoration items, Wall lettering can be reused again and again or can be reused as long as the product is not severely damaged. You can service the stickiness or glue of the adhesive wall letterings, once they lose their stickiness. 

  • Limitless 


The designs that you can create using wall letterings are simply limitless. At Vida Signs, our experts possess years of experience and knowledge in handling various aspects of wall lettering designs. All you need to do is state your requirements, and our team of professionals will make sure to fulfill all your custom wall lettering needs and requirements.

  • Install indoor or outdoor


These designs can easily be installed anywhere in your home. Whether you are looking for wall lettering for home decor purposes or for business marketing purposes, we can help you select the best design for your needs. 

If you wish to learn more about wall letterings or the services we have to offer, you can simply contact us today or visit our product section on our website to explore various options.