wayfinding signs that are seen in public places

What are Wayfinding Signs and are They Worth the Money?

Wayfinding signs help you find your way to a particular spot at places like malls, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings and many such physical locations. You can simplify your way to a particular spot or destination with the help of wayfinding signs. The wayfinding signs not just serve the purpose of directing your route, instead they provide some information about that particular place, help you identify your present spot and also provide any specific information about a place. These signs can be custom made however you like. Be it simple or something with a little creativity- you can go for whatever suits you the best. The creative signs consist of attractive text and graphics which can be more appealing. If you’re interested to know more about these signs, make sure you keep reading.

How can you use it?

Wayfinding signs help people to navigate their way to a particular shop or stop. This is a creative approach as the sign contains elements like beautiful graphics and catchy texts. You can use it as a landmark, direct left/right, or add some beautifully colored or plain icons on the signage. You can use symbols, arrows, words or create a customized one by combining all three. Make sure the design you go for should be appealing yet easy to read and understand.

airport signs to help find directions

Types of Wayfinding Signs

  1. Informational Signs
  2. Informational signages could be the answer to a lot of people’s questions like ‘Where is the washroom’? ‘Where is the dustbin?’ ‘Where are the elevators and stairs?’ These questions are answered in signage form with either a symbol made on the board or the direction pointed. The language or the icons used are generally easy to understand even at one glance. You might have seen various informational signage boards like ‘No Smoking’ ‘No Parking’ ‘Free Wi-Fi’ etc. such signs also educate you about the rules of a place.

  3. Directional Signs
  4. Directional signs are a guide for people who want to go to a particular place. You will see these directional arrow signs at airports, malls, amusement parks, restaurants, and many such places. If you are looking for a particular garment store in a mall then without asking anybody else you can take the help of the arrows and find your way there. If you are a business owner and wish to attract more customers, then it is advisable to place it where maximum people can see and easily reach your store without any trouble.

  5. Identification Signs
  6. This is the most common type of wayfinding signage that helps the passer-by to identify a particular place. It could be washroom signs or office signs like accounting office, food section and ‘staff only’ which you will be able to relate to. These signs tell you where you are at the given moment.

  7. Warning Signs
  8. Warning signs like ‘Beware of dogs’ ‘Mind your head’ or ‘Wet floor’ alert you about the hazards that can cause damage. These signs are generally dark in color and placed strategically that can easily grab anyone’s attention. By following these signs keep you safe from possible hazards.

    Some people also use attractive sign boards that not only guide about the right path but also market your business well, despite not being an advertising tool.

    Wayfinding signs also take you to new places, somewhere you didn’t even intend to go in the first place. There are chances that you may discover a new place and fall in love with it which justifies that signages sometimes give you a new experience. So, if you are a business owner and would like to make your consumers way easier to your shop, then Vida Signs is here to help you customize something you and your target customers will love! Contact us to get a free quote today.