Soft Neon Signs at Great Prices for your Businesses Now Available at Vida Signs

Neon signs are used by many businesses around New York City. They are versatile, economical and colorful. Vida Signs make customized soft neon signs in every kind of shape, color and size. We have been successfully installed neon signs at many locations around New York City.

Neon signs can help your business stand out from others. The neon sign industry has evolved from a simple red color to many beautiful and vibrant colors. These neon signs are made by bending thin glass tube. Then the inside of these glass tubes is coated with a specific phosphorescent. This coating allows to produce a glowing light effect in your chosen color. Many businesses used these neon signs inside and outside their location to produce an ambience similar with their business. Vida Signs also provides expert consultation and designing services for all kinds of soft neon signs for all businesses in New York City.

As these neon signs are always made by hand, there is a certain art appeal to each sign made by Vida Signs. These handmade neon signs are curved and bend to perfection. These fluid curves with a pop of color always leaves a lasting image in the mind of the customer. These neon signs are all about the designs. These handmade designs can solidify your brand image as retro cool or modern. A design made just for your business can make all the difference!

Advantages of Neon Signs:

Neon signs add colorful touch to any place. Besides their colorful appearance, there are certain other great advantages for businesses to use neon signs made by Vida Signs. They are;

  • Cost Effective: As they consume very little power to light up as compared to other types of illuminated objects. These neon signs help you with all your display needs with their versatility and color options all the while helping you save on your monthly energy bill. They use little energy, so they do not warm their surrounding as much, so helping you save up on some cooling bills.
  • Very long running life: These neon signs can last a very long time. All they require is a little and timely maintenance. Vida Signs provides installation and maintenance services for all types of neon signs for your business in New York City.
  • Versatile operating range: Neon signs can run on wide variety of input power. They can run on AC or DC. They can also run on high voltages. This versatility allows neon signs to be used anywhere without any other special equipment.
  • Distinguish your business from other establishments: A hand made neon just for your business will make you stand out from other businesses.

These neon signs can be used in a large and small shapes. These soft neon signs can also be used as energy efficient decorative lights. Vida Signs have been designing and creating all types of soft neon signs for over 5 years.  Our handmade neon signs are high quality, and require very little maintenance over time.

Vida Signs have been designing small and large display, wall and ceiling neon signs for all types businesses in New York City. We also provide removal of old signs, installation of new signs and maintenance of your existing neon signs. We also provide re-filling of neon gas in your existing neon signs. We offer consultation services to help you decide to make a neon sign which will be perfect for your brand and image. Vida Signs have great reviews from their previous satisfied clients. To set up an appointment call us:  (212)-388-9388