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LED Neon Sign vs Custom Neon Sign – Which is Better?


Learn which signage option will be best for you – LED Neon Signs or Custom Neon Sign?


Branding is one of the most critical aspects of your business. As a business owner, you have come up with different and unique ideas to make your business stand out from the market competitors. One of the best ways to attract a crowd and drive attention to your business is by installing signage. Signage plays a vital role in boosting brand awareness and elevating the outlook of a space. Signage is probably the most noticed decor piece in any office space, and as a business owner, you would want to make the most of such visual representation. But how? By installing illuminated signs! Illuminated signs are hard to miss and ensure complete brand awareness of your business. 

With illuminated signs, you get an extensive range of options that may suit your office space. However, there are two popular illuminated signs options among business owners – LED neon signs and custom neon signs. The popularity is such that people often find themselves searching “how to make LED neon signs” and try their hands with creativity! Both signage options can successfully capture the essence of your brand and deliver optimal results. But you may find several differences between LED and custom neon signs.

Through this article, we aim to educate you on the critical differences between custom and LED neon signs so that you can choose the best signage for your business.

Let’s first understand 

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What Are Custom Neon Signs?

Installing neon signs is the perfect way to elevate the entire look of your office space. The illuminated signs are a durable, affordable, and efficient form of a light bulb. Custom neon signs consist of long luminous tubes filled with gases at low pressure, heated, and sharply curved to make multiple shapes or letters. How do neon lights work? The flow of electric current excites the electrodes present in the tube, which brings in an incandescent glow.

Advantages of Custom Neon Signs


Longer Lifespan Than Fluorescent Bulbs

  • You might be wondering how long neon signs last? Well, custom neon signs are designed to offer durability and can last for quite a long time. Neon gases present in the long luminous tubes can produce light for 50 years or more!

Energy Efficient Than Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Custom neon signs utilize less energy than fluorescent lamps. An average custom neon sign uses about 1,752 kWh of power in a year, whereas a fluorescent lamp uses 2,672 kWh. Such a difference!

Cost-Effective Than Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Custom neon signs are relatively cost-effective than fluorescent bulbs. Besides, neon signs will help you limit the digits on your electricity bill in the most affordable way.

Disadvantages of Custom Neon Signs

Limited Life of Electrical Parts 

  • Even though the neon gases present in the long luminous tubes last for 50 years, the electrical parts such as the transformer have a limited life span, i.e., 15 years. However, buying a custom neon sign with a superior quality transformer can last longer than the average life span.


Limited Outside Exposure

Custom neon signs are better suited to indoor use. If you wish to install them outside of your office space, ensure they are fully covered and protected from outside elements such as rain and snow.

Cost Higher Than LED Neon Signs

The cost of designing custom neon signs depends on the size and complexity of the job. However, installing a custom neon sign will cost you higher than LED neon signs.

Costly Than LED Neon Signs

Custom neon signs can be a bit expensive compared to LED neon signs. An average LED sign will only cost about $60 a year to run, whereas an average neon sign will cost about $165 a year.

What Are LED Neon Signs?

You can create unique, dramatic, and multicolored glowing signage for your office space through LED neon signs. The term “LED” stands for light-emitting diode. Made of flex lights, LED neon signs are lightweight, shatter-resistant, flexible, durable, and effective at transferring light. So, how do neon lights work? LED neon lights consist of a cluster of LEDs attached to a strip. These LED lights are made of different materials, covered in a clear case to allow the light to glow. LED neon signs are easy to use and can be operated as per your light suitability. Besides, they can be bent into any desired shape or letter and cut into favored length.

Advantages of LED Neon Signs


More Energy Efficient

Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED neon signs use less energy, making them more energy-efficient and ideal for those looking for signage options on a budget.

Longer Lifespan Than Traditional Light Bulbs

LED neon signs can last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Besides, you also don’t have to worry about spending thousands on replacement.

Suitable For Outdoors

Since LED neon signs are water-resistant, they make a suitable signage option for both indoors and outdoors. 

More Visible in Sunlight

Compared to custom neon lights, LED lights offer better visibility in sunlight. You can undoubtedly place them outdoors.

Disadvantages of LED Neon Signs


Limited Brightness

Let’s talk about the brightness of LED vs neon lights. LED lights offer little glow and shine compared to traditional neon signs.

Expensive Than Other Light Source

LEDs can be expensive compared with other light sources when measured through dollars-per-lumen.

LED Neon Flex vs Traditional Glass Neon – Which Option Is The Best?


Benefits LED Neo Flex Traditional Glass Neon Best Option
LED neon lights are relatively cheaper than glass neon signs.
Traditional glass neon signs have a higher upfront cost.
LED Neon Flex
LED neon lights are made of premium quality PVCs, which are flame resistant and flexible.
Traditional glass neon signs are fabricated using fragile, breakable glass, which can shatter easily.
LED Neon Flex
Easy To Maintain
LED neon signs require little to no maintenance
Traditional glass neon signs require timely maintenance from a trained professional.
LED Neon Flex
LED neon signs have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours.
Traditional glass neon signs have a lifespan of 10,000+ hours.
LED Neon Flex


LED Neon Signs VS Custom Neon Signs – General FAQs


  1. Does LED last longer than neon?
  • When it comes to life span, neon signs are likely to last longer than LED signs.
  1. Which is better, neon or LED?
  • Both signage options offer you countless benefits, including flexibility, durability, efficiency, and an excellent life span. You can choose the one that best fits your signage requirement.
  1. How much do LED neon signs cost?
  • Various factors affect the cost of LED neon signs, such as the size of the signage and design complexity. However, the general cost of an LED neon sign can be anywhere between $250 upwards to $1,000, or sometimes even more.
  1. Is neon brighter than LED?
  • Neon lights produce a warm and aesthetically pleasing glow that appears at a limited distance, whereas LED light offers a brighter and radiating glow that can be seen even from a great distance.

Leave a lasting impression on your customers or clients by designing your own neon signage. Share your unique ideas with us, or let us create something for your business!