how to repair neon signs

How to Repair Neon Signs? – Helpful Tips and Tricks

For decades, neon signs have been a gleaming addition to visual advertising. Their striking hues and vintage shimmer generate an appealing glow that is tricky to replicate. Whether it’s a vintage neon sign in a historic diner or a contemporary piece of art illuminating a shop, these luminescent works of art hold a special place in our homes and businesses. Its mesmerizing glow continues to enchant consumers, making it a popular choice for a variety of lighting projects.

Neon Signs

However, figuring out how to fix a broken neon sign might be a demanding and complex task. Neon signs, like all things, can occasionally fall and break. The flickering fading of these dazzling wonders can be distressing. But don’t worry; this thorough guide will walk you through the steps of repairing neon signs so they continue to shine brightly.

Short introduction on “All about Neon Signs”

Most people are aware that luminous tubes, often known as neon tubes, are filled with low-pressure gas. Neon gas starts to light bright when it is exposed to high voltage. Since neon signs create striking displays, they are great choices for both indoor and outdoor applications.

To keep your neon signs NY safe from breaking down, they do require some simple upkeep and refilling. Also, how long a neon sign lasts depends on its making and components. They need to be constructed with high-quality materials in order to last the standard 8 to 15 years. Transformers, for signs, usually have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. However, larger or higher-quality models might last up to 15 years.

What To Do When Neon Signs Are Not Working?

You can use several neon troubleshooting methods to learn how to repair neon lights if they stop functioning.

Step 1 

If the neon sign is not working, check the voltage supply to the light and look for any loose connections. It will blink or flicker if it is using very little power. If the voltage supplied to the lamp is insufficient, a step-up transformer may be required. Use a multimeter to check the voltage of the electrical outlets of neon signs.

Step 2

Sometimes, a vintage neon sign needs repairing because its components stop working. To fix neon lights, look for broken or damaged cables, shorted or broken wires, extremely low voltage, and damaged or broken tube portions in the neon light system. 

Wire breakage and shorts prevent electricity from reaching the light bulb. Neon lights that are connected in a series may break and stop working. To repair lighted signs, identify the damaged area and then work on neon signs restoration to redeem its bright shine. 

Step 3

How do you fix a neon sign with a broken tube? First, Look for any leaks along the glass tube. The light will get dim if the neon gas vanishes from the tube. Also, if air gets inside the bulb, It will stop producing light because the neon has stopped producing ions. It isn’t easy to fix a neon light and leaking tube. In the long run, replacing the leaking tube with a new one is easier and less expensive than refilling the old one.

Step 4

Most faulty neon signs will not have a gleaming gloss. To verify, plug in your signs. Then, Check if the transformer is still working properly. A faulty transformer could lead to a lot of problems. The simplest answer to this problem is to get a new transformer. Also, Remember to verify the output voltage of the new transformer to determine whether it can power effectively. 

When Can Neon Signs Be Fixed? 

Can neon lights be repaired? Well, If it is constructed with high-quality components, the problem will be evident. Usually, our experienced technician knows how to fix neon signs with just a quick glance, determining whether it has a voltage problem or a transformer problem.

When necessary, remove nuts and bolts; clean and replace them with fresher parts. Ensure that the neon sign is off because the transformer can produce around 4,000 and 12,000 volts of electricity. Never handle a neon sign while it is turned on. 

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When Neon Signs Cannot Be Repaired?

There are several reasons why your neon sign may not be repaired. First, if the neon sign was not built with high-quality components, then neon tube replacement is an easier option than buying a new sign. 

Furthermore, opting for neon tube replacement is a wise decision, as sometimes it can be time-consuming and may increase the cost to repair broken neon signs and customize its elements as per your requirements.

It is also necessary to consider the sign’s age and the components used to make the glass and gas tube. Older and broken neon signs are dangerous as they may contain hazardous components like lead and mercury. Some repair shops may refuse to restore broken gas tubes because they are risky to repair.

How Will You Be Taking Care Of Your Neon Sign?

Even though it’s fun to get NY Signs, you need to take good care of it. It doesn’t require much care, but you can do a few things to extend their lives and avoid harm.

Correct Selection

Product life may be long if maintained properly. To ensure that your LED neon signs last as long as possible, choose the right kind of sign with the appropriate location.  

Ask yourself the following questions: Will people be able to see the neon sign? Will they notice if you display your product? 

Place In A Safe Area

You should have a specific spot in mind before purchasing a neon sign. But pause for a moment and think about how safe the area is. As we’ve already mentioned, the glass tubes are delicate. To prevent accident, signage should be placed in a safe area away from children and animals.

Careful Maintenance

Neon signs without cords require timely cleaning and maintenance. Because of frequent foot traffic in your area, a sign may succumb to dust accumulation. 

Take Care While Handling

Since neon signs are produced using gas-filled glass tubes, they should be treated with care. If your signage is damaged or broken, call the technician rather than trying to fix neon lights by yourself.

Troubleshooting Of Neon Lights

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