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How to Choose Neon Sign Colors

Neon signs are not just luminous decorations but powerful brand identity and ambiance communicators. With their vibrant glow and captivating allure, neon signs can captivate attention and leave a lasting impression. However, choosing the right neon sign colors is crucial to ensure they effectively convey your message and complement your brand aesthetics. 

This guide delves into the intricacies of selecting the perfect neon sign colors, offering valuable tips for making informed decisions. 

What Color Is Neon?

Neon, a noble gas, emits a characteristic red-orange glow when electrified. However, it’s not limited to this color alone. By combining neon with other elements or using different gasses, we can get a spectrum of vibrant hues, ranging from electrifying blues to radiant pinks.

The Meaning Behind Different Neon Sign Colors


Green Color for Neon Sign

Green neon signs inspire the feelings of nature, growth, and freshness. It’s often associated with tranquility, health, and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for eco-friendly brands, health-related businesses, or establishments promoting relaxation.

Yellow Color for Neon Sign

Yellow radiates warmth, optimism, and energy. It grabs attention and symbolizes happiness and positivity. Perfect for grabbing attention in bustling urban environments, yellow neon lights are great for conveying joy and enthusiasm.

Blue Color for Neon Sign

Blue neon light shows calmness, trust, and professionalism. It’s often chosen by corporate entities to convey reliability and authority. Additionally, blue can evoke serenity and depth, making it suitable for businesses promoting wellness or meditation.

Orange Color for Neon Sign

Orange neon signs bring out vibrant, bold, and energetic. It’s associated with creativity, excitement, and adventure, making it an excellent choice for dynamic brands, entertainment venues, or businesses targeting youthful audiences.

Purple Color for Neon Sign

Purple neon signs bring out luxury, creativity, and mystery. It’s often associated with royalty and sophistication, making it a popular choice for upscale establishments, boutique stores, or businesses seeking elegance and exclusivity.

Pink Color for Neon Sign

Pink symbolizes femininity and playfulness. It’s a versatile color that can show feelings of sweetness or edginess depending on its shade and context. Pink-LED signs are perfect for businesses targeting young audiences or those embracing a trendy, modern aesthetic.

Brown Color for Neon Sign

The brown neon sign signifies stability, earthiness, and reliability. While not as commonly used in neon signage, it can add a touch of warmth and authenticity to rustic-themed establishments or businesses focusing on natural, organic products.

5 Tips For Choosing the Right Neon Light Colors

Consider the brand identity:

  • Neon light colors should be a direct reflection of your brand’s essence. Consider the characteristics and attributes that define your brand, such as its personality traits, core values, and the demographic it serves.
  • Choose colors representing your brand and the message you want to share with your audience. Different neon light colors have unique psychological associations that can influence perceptions and emotions.

Example: A vibrant and youthful brand may choose energetic colors like yellow or orange, while a luxury brand may choose sophisticated hues like purple or deep blue.

Choose contrasting colors for Neon Signs:

  • Contrasting colors on LED neon signs improve visibility, making them stand out from a distance.
  • The stark contrast between colors helps to catch the attention of passersby, making the sign more noticeable in various lighting conditions.
  • Using contrasting colors between the background and text of the neon sign enhances legibility.
  • Choosing complementary colors creates a harmonious and visually appealing composition.
  • Complementary colors, such as red and green or blue and orange, create a strong visual impact when used together, making the neon sign more attractive and memorable.

Example: Black text on a vibrant yellow background creates a striking contrast that grabs attention and ensures readability, even in crowded urban environments.

Consider the message you want to convey:

  • Understanding the symbolism associated with different colors helps select hues that align with the intended message of the neon sign.
  • It’s essential to consider cultural associations and preferences when selecting colors for neon signs, especially in diverse or international markets.

Example: A health-focused business may choose green for its association with freshness and vitality, while a tech startup may choose blue to convey reliability and innovation.

Consider the lighting environment of Your Space:

  • Neon signs are visible both during the day and at night, so it’s essential to consider how the colors will appear in different lighting conditions.
  • During the daytime, natural sunlight and artificial lighting sources may affect the visibility and vibrancy of the colors used in the neon sign.
  • At nighttime, the neon sign’s colors will be illuminated by its light source, which may alter the perception of color compared to daylight.
  • Colors that appear vibrant and impactful in one lighting environment may look dull or washed out in another.
  • It’s crucial to select colors that maintain their visibility and effectiveness in both bright daylight and dimly lit nighttime settings.
  • Before finalizing the color scheme for the neon sign, it’s advisable to test how the colors appear under various lighting conditions.

Example: Bright, bold colors may be more effective in well-lit environments. At the same time, softer hues may work better in dimly lit spaces to create an inviting ambiance.

Try Similar colors for Neon Lights:

  • When using similar colors for neon lights, it’s essential to experiment with different shades and variations within the chosen color palette.
  • Subtle differences in hue, saturation, and brightness can significantly impact the neon signage’s overall effect.
  • Finding the perfect balance between similar colors involves carefully considering how they complement each other and contribute to the desired aesthetic or mood.
  • Balancing warm and cool tones, adjusting contrast levels, and fine-tuning the saturation of colors help achieve visual harmony and coherence in the neon signage.
  • Layering different shades of the same color or including gradients can enhance the three-dimensional effect of the neon lights, making the signage more captivating and dynamic.

Example: Testing different shades of blue for a neon sign can help achieve the desired level of calmness and professionalism, whether soft sky blue or a deep navy.

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