frosted glass signs

A Guide On The Advantages Of Frosted Glass Signs And Etched Window Graphics.

Doors and windows are an important part of any household or business. Offices tend to be more privy about what goes on inside their workplace and end up installing wooden doors, windows, etc. Recently, we have seen a rise in frosted glass signs as they make the perfect design solution while also maintaining privacy. Frosted glass office doors have come to be one of the most successful styles of doors.

Frosted glass office signs

These doors are not only safe, but they also allow natural light coming in instead of being completely blocked from any view or sunlight. This also tends to improve the mood by elevating morale and not making it a very serious atmosphere. We all know how offices can get, an enclosed space with employees drowning in serious work. Elevating the staff’s mood is in the best interest of the company. Frosted glass signage also allows you to be creative and come up with different designs that you can install. After all, your office must look classy and give off vibes that will make people want to work for you or do business with you. The look of your workspace matters a great deal! Especially doors and windows since they’re the first few things any visitor will notice.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of frosted glass signs and how custom frosted glass can help you make an impression. But first, let’s get a better understanding of what exactly frosted glass is.

What is frosted glass?


This is a type of glass art that existed before vinyl. Before we come to vinyl, you must understand that these are terms used to describe artsy, decorative glass that allows partial visibility through it and also diffuses light. As a kid, you might have found yourself touching and feeling the sand-like texture on the glass door or window surface and playing with it. The process of etching or frosting changes the original transparent look of a glass door/window to a translucent look. It can either be done with acid treatment or the sandblasting technique. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a type of synthetic material, plastic that can be used as an adhesive in the forms of flaps and more. Frosted glass vinyl is also readily available in the market these days.

Advantages of frosted glass signs:


  • Privacy:

This is the first advantage that would come to anybody’s mind, as soon as they think about it or look at it. A frosted glass’ cloudy appearance helps mask the accessibility to anybody on the outside. They might be able to figure out the presence of someone inside but figuring out what they’re doing or what’s going on on the other side of the door is impossible. No more passersby peeping into your space and distracting you or anyone around you.

  • No More Unwanted Views:

What if your workspace is located on a busy street or in a commercial building with another workspace right across. This may cause a lot of distractions and might make a lot of people feel like there is a lack of privacy. Imagine having a dustbin right outside or nearby your door or you just want to avoid a crowd and have no division of your attention at all! With the help of diffused light, the frosted glass works in an even better way by masking the activities of your workplace. Even for a household, these doors promise safety by shooing away peepers and criminals. No more getting spooked by random people or unpleasant views.

  • Not Too Much Glare:

Glare reduction is a great way to soak in the natural light in a decent amount where it is not a pain for your eyes. Sometimes the glare caused by sun rays falling on a glass surface can make it uncomfortable for your eyes, especially when you have just woken up. The same goes with your workplace: it will never be too bright, but just the right amount.

  • Thermal Insulation:

A frosted glass will most likely have two layers on it, along with an extra panel of tempered glass that is installed to save the frosted surface from any damage. Thermal insulation takes place naturally between these layers!

  • Beauty:

You can choose your favorite designs or choose to discuss options with our stylists at Vida Signs,  who can suggest some appropriate options for your needs, may it be for your workspace or your office. You can choose from unique patterns to distinctive sceneries.

At Vida Signs, we are passionate about our job and wish to provide you with the best signage options. Our stylists are highly skilled and experienced and always work with the aim of finishing their work and delivering results in a timely fashion. You can book your consultation and discuss your ideas with our stylist and come up with designs that best suit your needs!