Hotel Digital Signage: Ultimate Guide To Improve Business Strategy

Over the past few years, the internet has become an integral part of the hotel industry. Customers prefer booking hotel services online and rely heavily on search engines to learn more about the service provider. Hence, investing in hotel digital strategies and signages plays a vital role in growing hotel business. In fact, investing in hotel digital signage will help you reach your business goals and create a significant impact in the marketplaces.

Anyone can implement hotel digital signage in their hotel environment and business tactics. With a few easy measures and the right tools and techniques, you can make your hotel digitally advanced and build a more accessible and user-friendly experience for your customers.

Let’s understand:

Hotel Signage


What is signage in a hotel?


Hotel digital signage is an interactive tool that allows hoteliers to interact with customers and share information digitally. Through hotel digital signage technology, you can help your customers check-in, provide information about onsite meetings or information about other events, and directly interact with them to solve their queries or concerns.


Through interactive hotel digital signage display, you can share photos, motion pictures, creative ideas, animated videos, blogs, and a lot more with your potential customers. Digital hotel signage, also known as electric or digital menu boards, are used to create customized LED signs or walls outside your hotel premises. At Vida Signs, we offer an extensive range of digital hotel outdoor signage boards based on marketing needs and preferences. To book your services or to speak with one of our representatives, call us at (212)-389-9792 or mail us at [email protected].


How can you implement a hotel digital signage strategy?


Customize your hotel environment in a more interesting and creative way. Here are some effective and prominent ways to implement digital hotel outdoor signage strategically.


  1. Implement expedited check in


Unpleasant and disorganized check-in experiences can leave negative impressions on your customers. Most customers don’t prefer visiting hotels with poor management and disorganized work environments. Hence, it is extremely important to upgrade your check-in procedures for our customers to enjoy more hassle-free and pleasant experiences. With automated or self-check-in facilities, customers can perform various activities on the tip of their fingers. This way customers don’t have to worry about being physically present to ask for help from your front desk staff.


  1. Streamline orientation and navigation process


Often customers get easily lost in confusing hotel layouts with similar hallways and rooms. With digital hotel signage boards, you can create interactive map systems to digitally inform your customers about where they are at your hotel building and ways they can reach their desired spot in your hotel. Avoid using complex designs or icons to make your map system look attractive. This can confuse your customers and they might end up reaching the wrong spots.


  1. Offer virtual concierge services


Sometimes, customers might not feel comfortable interacting with employees, especially during odd hours. Virtual concierge services can provide necessary information or services to your customers anytime. The digital hotel signage can introduce your visitors to different aspects of your hotel, local facilities, religious stories about the town, and more. This can also help overcome language barriers between your employee and customers. Seek help from experts to add different language features to your hotel signages.


  1. Opt for digital menu boards


Modern travelers expect pleasant and stress-free services from digitally advanced hotels. Signage for hotels is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent in line-ups for customers while ordering food or other related services. Digital menu boards are typically designed to increase high-end menu items and make things simpler and easier for your guests. One of the best parts of digital menu boards is that you can easily add or discard any items from your menu without dealing with customers directly.


  1. Manage your events professionally


Digital hotel outdoor signage boards can help professionally manage events and other activities in your hotel premises. You can put up digital printing NYC signage boards to assist your guest or people attending different events in your hotel building. Digital signage boards are more visible and can attract users’ attention quickly and effectively.


What hardware do you need for digital hotel signage?


Smart Android TV, smart digital screens, and other big-size tabs can be used to display custom signs in NYC outside your hotel. Use a system/hardware that is easily accessible through Android or other popular operating systems.


What software do you need for digital hotel signage?


To know the best software suitable for your hotel’s outdoor signage purposes, it is best to seek help from experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Avoid investing in cheap or outdated software as it might not offer the best services or programming experiences.


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