Guide To Laws and Regulations of Outdoor Sign in New York City

Business exteriors play an essential role in grabbing the attention of your potential customers and making them aware of your business. Business signs can help you communicate with your potential customers and inform them about your business’s whereabouts.

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Over the past few years, outdoor signs have become important outdoor additions for many local businesses in New York City. To avoid unwanted incidents outside the business facilities, the state authorities have imposed several rules and regulations for installing outdoor signs.


In this blog, we have covered everything that will help you gain in-depth knowledge and understand the system more effectively. So, without further ado, here are basic laws and regulations for installing board signs outside your business facilities. 

Rules and regulations of outdoor signs in New York City

 Before getting deep into the post, it is important to understand that there are two main laws or areas where the regulations of signs and billboards are governed in New York City. The New York City Building Code and The New York City Zoning Resolution. Building code regulates the hanging, maintenance, and making of New York signs. This law also concentrates on public health and safety issues such as fire, falling debris, and more.


On the other hand, zoning resolution regulates more on the appearance of sign boards, and how signs affect the quality of living in a specific area or zone. The law also regulates the restriction on size, height, surface area, and the lighting or brightness of sign boards/window signs.


Here are some facts and regulations that you need to consider while installing sign boards outside your business facilities.


  1. Advertisement or accessory signs


It is important to determine whether the business sign outside your business store is considered an accessory to your property or advertising tactics. As per the Zoning Regulations Article 1, Chapter 2 defines ‘accessory use’. If your business sign does not fall into the accessory or advertising category, it will be regulated as an accessory sign. It is recommended to read and go through the definition mentioned in the article to get a clear understanding of the same.


  1. Residential districts rules and regulations


The New York City Zoning Resolution law completely bans business advertisements from residential areas. However, the law allows limited accessory signage in the area. For example, ‘neon sign for sale’ and ‘for rent’ signs. These sign installations should be 12 square feet or of smaller height installed along with the community facility flags, banners, or pennants. Depending on Use Groups your community facility falls in, the size of the signage might differ.


  1.  Zoning resolutions


Illuminates or lighting sign installations are permitted in some designated residential districts for health care facilities such as hospitals. To install lighting signs outside your facility, you must fulfill certain criteria. The height of your signage or signboard should be limited to 25 square feet, or 15% of total street frontage whichever is smaller, the commissioner of building departments should decide whether lighting negatively affects the area or not, you must also follow other regulations for illuminated signs in a residential area and more.


  1. Commercial districts rules and regulations


Compared to residential areas, sign regulations can be much more intricate in commercial areas. Depending on which commercial district you fall into the rules and regulations might differ. To learn more about commercial district rules, contact us today at (212)-389-9388 and speak to one of our representatives.


  1. Highway rules and regulations


The New York City authorities have banned billboards or any type of advertising signs within 200 feet of arterial highways. However, accessory signages are allowed more than 200 feet but not more than 500 feet square feet. If you are planning to install billboards, you must keep these factors in mind.


  1. Park rules and regulations

In continuation to the above pointer, billboards are also banned from being within the view of any park. Billboards or advertising signage are banned from being placed near all small size parks and playgrounds in the state.


What are outdoor signs called?


Any outdoor signs installed outside your business facility or store are called outdoor signs. Outdoor signs can be of any shape, size, or pattern, depending on your business’s outdoor spaces. To find an ideal business sign style and design for your business, get in touch with us today.


What is the best outdoor signage?


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