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Custom Neon Signs

Every business needs an identity which is why owners spend a small fortune on ad agencies to create their brand. From the logo to the marketing materials, every business demands attention. Advertising is not cheap in today’s hustle and bustle. TV spots, radio, newspaper and yellow page ads cost tons of money and it never ends. Month after month of spending can add thousands to your budget and what’s it for? In the end, it’s to get noticed. You can do this with custom neon that features your brand in neon lights! Not only that but a custom neon sign can draw more attention, increase traffic and its only for one price, one time. A Custom Neon NYC will last you 10+ years and deliver more bang for your buck than any other form of media. Design your own custom neon signs or choose from our 150+ designs.

Choose the size of your sign

The size of your sign really depends on your design, logo or artwork unless you are doing text only. Below are our most popular sizes. All are perfect for 1 or 2 lines and the larger sign is great for 3 lines. We just want an idea of how big or small you want your custom neon sign to be. The maximum size is 48″ and must be shipped via freight truck on a pallet.

Bring your ideas

When it comes to creating the perfect custom neon sign for our customers, it always starts with you! We want your input so feel free to scratch your ideas on paper and fax them over or send us a picture or logo via email or bring them by yourself at our shop.

Choose your colors

When it comes to colors, we have exactly what you are looking for to create that perfect neon sign. Pick from 12 different colors and watch your Custom Neon come to life!

Custom Neon NYC

Choose your font styles

We have a nice selection of different fonts that look fantastic in neon lights. Select from block type fonts or script types.

Review and approve your proofs

After we get your input we will put our graphic artists to work to create your custom neon sign proof. At this point, we will show you a proof for you to approve before placing your order. At this point, you can also request color and font style changes before your custom sign goes into production.

Place your order

When you see your proof we will start get it ready but only when you give your acceptance on it. Contact us (212)388-9388 for any kind of Custom Neon NYC and attract more people towards your business.

Our customer-arranged service guarantees that you get the sign solution which suits you best. Vida Graphics & Signs has rapidly turned into the most obvious source for Custom Neon NYC. Found in the heart of New York, Vida Graphics & Signs gives signs, Banners, and wraps for some of the leading New York City Organizations, and we want to reveal it to you that how and why a large number of our clients return for our sign services again and again.

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